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Who are we?

We are your local Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) that provides Internet access within Nevada county and parts of surrounding areas.

What is an Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)?

A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is a company that provides Internet to your home or business via a ground base radio connection (not to a satellite in space). It doesn’t require you to have a wire to your house from an outside source like DSL or Dial-Up does. Additionally, we can often reach remote areas with our line-of-sight radios and near line-of-sight equipment. And unlike satellite internet, our speeds are actually good!

How does weather affect my connection?

Most weather conditions don’t affect your connection. However, due to where we live some problems are to be expected during heavy storms. We occasionally lose power to a repeater site due to downed power lines and even though we try to be plan for this, it’s not possible to prepare for every eventuality. Additionally, heavy snow may affect your connection if you live in a heavily wooded area due to the trees being covered in snow and ice.

Who owns the equipment?

All equipment that is installed by SmarterBroadband’s technicians is owned by the company and will be removed upon termination of service.

Is there a contract?

In general there is NO contract locking you into a period of service. The exception to this is an option for businesses and special custom plans that are specifically designed for a customer. There is an installation contract for every install, but it is intended to spell out the use of equipment and the responsibilities of each party.

How much does installation and service cost?

Please see the following link to our standard rates and fees:
For custom plans or special services you will need to speak to one of our sales representatives at

(530) 272-4000 .ext 1

Do I need a wireless router?

A wireless router is not required for our service to work. If you only plan to have one computer attached to the internet we can connect a cable directly to it. However, if you wish to connect multiple devices to your network and/or have Internet capable cell phone (iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, etc.) you will need a wireless router.

You may use your own broadband router if you wish. Alternatively, we have an Home Router Service Agreement (HRSA) which will provide you with basic wireless router as an added monthly service. We will set it up at time of installation and make sure your devices have connectivity. We will also replace the HRSA router if it ever fails.

What does the equipment look like?

We use several different options depending on your specific location. Our trained technicians always test to the best and fastest possible access point that services your area. As a result we use several different types of technology to get reliable service.

The equipment used will generally be a small dish or flat panel but may be a larger dish if needed. The technician will talk to you before installing any equipment that is larger than 15″ x 15″. We also do our best to put the equipment in out of the way places but will always put it where the best service will be provided (sometimes this isn’t the most discrete location).

How long does installation take?

Installation normally takes between 2 and 3 hours. Some factors could lead to a longer installation time at your location. However, we do an extensive survey at your location before we actually install the hardware to make sure we have the best placement for the best possible service.

Do you offer network support?

We offer support for problems with or related to your connection from SmarterBroadband. Unfortunately we cannot provide support for your advanced home networking needs. We can however point you to other local companies we feel do excellent work. Please see our Helpful Stuff link.