Coverage and Availability



The map above provides a general idea of our coverage area. We currently provide service from North Auburn to above Nevada City, from Colfax to Smartsville, and now parts of North San Jaun.

Due to a number of factors, this map is not meant as an absolute representation of our service area. We may be able to service a number of areas outside of the colored region due to new technology and access point sites. Conversely, areas within the coverage area may not be able to receive service directly from an existing Access Point due to obstructions (mainly hills and/or trees). In these circumstances we can always get you service by installing additional equipment to provide coverage. This would come at an additional cost if it is for a single person or connection. However, if you can get a number of people together, we will generally cover any additional costs to cover these areas.

If you are in an area that is not showing service today, and you would like to receive SmarterBroadband’s High Speed Internet Service, please complete the Mapping Request Form. The more requests we receive from the same area, the quicker we will set up service in that area. If you have neighbors who are also interested, please have them complete the form as well.

** Disclaimer – Even if you are located within the mapped service area, SmarterBroadband may not be able to serve your exact location, without additional costs, due to terrain or distance.

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